Did The South Raise You?

Pro-Staff Members

Say hello to our awesome Pro-Staff Team! It is compiled of men and women throughout the South who are passionate about the outdoor lifestyle and enthusiastic about welcoming others into our community.

Tanner Potts - High Springs, Florida

"My name is Tanner Potts, I am 17 years old and live in High Springs, Florida. I love to hunt whitetail deer. My dad and I have a hunting lease in southeast Georgia where we can be found any given weekend between September and November. I also am blessed to be able to hunt on my grandparents property in Mississippi when we visit for the holidays every year. I am very passionate about bass fishing. I like to go to smaller lakes in the area in my kayak where I can easily spend the entire day casting. My dad and I also fish the larger rivers in our area too. I am about to begin my Senior year in high school which is very exciting. I hope to be able to play baseball this year, as our season was cut short due to Covid-19. After high school I plan to attend college close to home and am in the process of getting those plans in place. God has blessed me with an awesome family and we enjoy hanging together at the river in the boat or the springs. I love where I live, Florida offers a wide range of opportunities to be able to enjoy my hobbies." - Tanner

Justin Rhoads - Green Cove Springs, Florida

"My name is Justin Rhoads. From a little town called Green Cove Springs In Florida. Born & raised outdoors. Believer in God & Family is always first. I have a Beautiful wife and two kids. Grew up fishing the Florida ponds and lakes to the rivers of West Virginia. Camping was a big part of my upbringing and still is today. Just overall I really enjoy all things outdoors. Big Bass & Ducks are my primary adventures I like to chase. Remember - “The Kill or Catch is always a bonus! It’s the time with friends and family that truly matter!” - Justin

Caleb Derrick - Pottsboro, Texas

"I have been married to my loving wife for 24 years. We have three beautiful daughters. I have worked for the Federal Government for over 25 years. I spend as much time as I can hunting and fishing and enjoying the outdoors. I have been very fortunate over the years. I have harvested 88 whitetail deer to date, dozens of wild turkeys, and more fish than I could ever count." - Caleb

Jeff Tucker - Green Cove Springs, Florida

Hey Y’all! My name is Jeffrey Tucker. I grew up in Aiken, South Carolina. I’ve lived in Kansas, California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. My passion for the outdoors began at age 2 fishing for Channel cats and Bluegill  from the back of my Grandpa’s Lowe pontoon. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to fish places like the Estuaries of the ACE Basin SC, Corpus Christi Bay TX, Port O’Connor TX, The Ogeechee River GA, The St. John’s River FL, Key West FL, Golfito Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, Algonquin Provincial Park Canada, Great Exuma Island Bahamas, and Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Most of my hunting and fishing knowledge was self-taught. My goal is to never stop learning about hunting and fishing. Over the years I’ve hog hunted in swamps near the Savannah River, chased whitetails in Fort Stewart Georgia, turkey hunted in Edgefield South Carolina all the way down to the Osceola National Forest in Florida, and duck hunted in most of the Southeastern United States. Lucky to be married to a Southern Belle. She provided me with two kids who are being raised Southern. This year marks 12 years on Active Duty in the Military. When I grow up, my dream is to own an outfitter/guide service. I love the Lord and this great country, especially the SOUTH! - Jeff

Brian New - Pickens, South Carolina

"I am Brian New.  I have grown up in the outdoors of Abbeville, South Carolina and currently reside in Pickens County.  I have a passion for the southern outdoors and hold firm to the belief that it is part of our culture passed down to us from generation to generation, and that it is up to us to pass this passion on to our children.  I have lived and breathed hunting and fishing since I could walk thanks to my dad and four older brothers.  I am married to a beautiful nurse, Stephanie, who also loves to hunt and fish.  I have a one year old and nine year old who I work hard on instilling the same ideas and principles of the outdoor life.  I believe in maintaining and preserving the southern outdoors for my children and their children.  I spend as much time outdoors as I can hunting and fishing." -Brian 

Eric Pressley - Orangeburg, South Carolina

"Hello, my name is Eric Pressley .Growing up in the south my whole life you could always find me out fishing with my dad or friends. Recently I’ve gotten more involved in hunting by some amazing people that are willing to teach and pass on knowledge. Using everything I’ve learned I am now passing on to my friends, family, and veterans. I am a pro-staffer for The Fallen Outdoors providing men and women of our great nation an outlet to the outdoors! As a current service member myself it is my honor to represent my family, my nation, and Southern Bred Clothing Co. each and everyday." - Eric


Timothy Kidd - Warner Robins, Georgia

"Hey y’all, my name is Timothy I’m married to beautiful woman named Marissa and we have an awesome son named Grayson who I hope one day enjoys the southern lifestyle and being outdoors as much as me! I’m active duty Air Force and since I’ve been in the military I’ve lived everywhere, but now I’m back in the good ole south and it feels great! I love hunting, fishing, and just being outdoors! I would fish everyday if I could and same for hunting. I just got into bow hunting as well and can’t wait to see where that goes! It’s a pleasure to be apart of the Southern Bred clothing company and represent their awesome merchandise!" -  Timothy

Billie McCarter - Abbeville, South Carolina

"Hey there! I'm a South Carolina Southern Belle with an addiction to Sweet Tea, online shopping, and considered high maintenance to most.  I prefer my spring and summers on the water and my fall and winters in the woods.
I have an A.S. in Business and A.S.S. in Funeral Services. I am a South Carolina licensed Mortician at my family owned and operated Mortuary. I married Matthew, an OIF Army Veteran, in 2005 and have resided in Abbeville County.  We have 3 dogs: Scarlett,  Rhett, and Bonnie, as well as many other animals that fit into the country lifestyle we have dreamed of.  We are members of Lowndesville Baptist Church, where we serve on several committees and work with the youth and children.  We are members of the Gamecock Club and Diamond Life Sponsors with the National Wild Turkey Federation.  We also enjoy traveling with our nephews. I have a passion for the outdoors as well as for introducing other women into hunting.  I am the Host of Doe Diaries, ProStaff for PhaZe for Her, Pistol Creek Outdoors, and ALPS Outdoorz, Shooting Staff for Bohning Archery, Easton Archery ProTeam Member, and a Tactacam Team Member.  I am a volunteer with The Outdoor Dream Foundation and a Mentor with the NWTF.  I have hunted for whitetail, wild hogs, turkey, quail, dove, waterfowl, and more!" - Billie 

Bryan Paul - Albany, Georgia

"Being raised in Southwest GA, I grew up following my granddad, dad, and uncles on their hunting and fishing adventures, which sparked the passion in me to keep these traditions alive. Still to this day those memories hold a special place in my heart. I hope to spread that spark for the outdoors in future generations, starting with my own children. I spend most of my time in the woods hunting hogs, deer, coon, quail, and ducks. Even my work involves hunting." - Bryan